Science Discovery

is an education development company. We can take the concepts that are important to you and transform them into compelling school or public education programs, exhibits or media.

Our skilled staff has decades of experience in developing creative, one-of-a-kind programs that educate and motivate.

Science Discovery combines design, passion and skill for impressive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does Science Discovery charge for an initial consultation?
  • A: No, all first consultations are gladly done without cost to the client.
  • Q: Will you come to our office for an initial consultation?
  • A: In most cases, yes.
  • Q: We are not sure how to develop our school education program; can you develop a plan to meet our BMP's?
  • A: Yes, we enjoy the challenge of analyzing a situation and writing/implementing a strategy to achieve a desired result.
  • Q: Do you write and develop school curriculum?
  • A: Yes, for all grade levels.
  • Q: Can you create a slide show for our staff to use at public meetings?
  • A: Yes, we enjoy creating dynamic programs for public education, or in-house use.
  • Q: Can you train our staff to provide quality education programs?
  • A: Yes, we will gladly train your staff at your site/facility, or ours.
  • Q: Can we observe your educators in the classroom or leading a field trip?
  • A: Yes, and at no cost.
  • Q: Can your staff provide education programs in our city/jurisdiction?
  • A: Yes, in most instances we can have staff working in your area year-round.
  • Q: Can we speak with your past or current clients as a reference?
  • A: Yes, we can give you client reference information for the past ten years.

    We Specialize In...

  • Recycling Education Programs
  • Water Conservation Education Programs
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Education
  • Staff Training for Presentations
  • Slide Presentations & Digital Media
  • Exhibit Design & Fabrication

Our Vision

Science Discovery works to unite natural resource topics with people of all ages. We strive to make these connections in ways that are thought provoking, engaging, and meaningful. We educate and motivate, creating a connection to the resources that sustain us all.