Science Discovery

is an education development company. We can take the concepts that are important to you and transform them into compelling school or public education programs, exhibits or media.

Our skilled staff has decades of experience in developing creative, one-of-a-kind programs that educate and motivate.

Science Discovery combines design, passion and skill for impressive results.

Our History

Formed in 1994 by Michael di Milo, Science Discovery began as a one-person recycling education business operating from a home office and garage. The main focus of the business was providing classroom programs about recycling and composting to local schools. As demand for recycling education grew, two additional teacher/presenters joined Science Discovery.

A few years later, Science Discovery expanded it's focus to develop and implement water education school programs. As these programs evolved, word about the unique, hands-on, and 3-D materials developed by Science Discovery spread among cities and water purveyors. By 1998, Science Discovery was providing water education materials to cities and water districts throughout California.

With interest for water conservation and recycling education growing, Science Discovery further expanded to meet the demand from cities, county government and water purveyors. In 2005 storm water quality presentations were developed to help agencies meet their best management practices. Eye-catching exhibitory for storm water education was created to compliment the water presentations.

Fast forward to the present; Science Discovery now operates from a 1,300 sq. ft. shop and office in San Luis Obispo, California. A staff of four educators and a variety of skilled contractors combine to provide over 1,000 education programs each year. Additionally, the company has expanded to developing PowerPoint presentations and museum exhibits. The company also provides training for water and recycling professionals to provide quality education in their jurisdictions.

Our Vision

Science Discovery works to unite natural resource topics with people of all ages. We strive to make these connections in ways that are thought provoking, engaging, and meaningful. We educate and motivate, creating a connection to the resources that sustain us all.